Richard L. Huganir, Ph.D.

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Professor and Director, Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience
Co-Director of the Brain Science Institute

Richard Huganir is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor and Professor and Director of the Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and is the Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Brain Science Institute. Dr. Huganir received his Ph.D. degree from Cornell University in 1982 and was a postdoctoral fellow with the Nobel Laureate, Paul Greengard, at Yale University School of Medicine from 1982-1984. Dr. Huganir then moved to Rockefeller University where he was an Assistant Professor from 1984-1988.  Dr. Huganir moved to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1988 as an Associate Investigator in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and an Associate Professor in the Department of Neuroscience. Dr. Huganir was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator for 26 years from 1988-2014.  Dr. Huganir became the Director of the Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience in 2006.  Dr. Huganir is the past the President of the Society for Neuroscience and has served as Treasurer of the Society for Neuroscience. He has received the Young Investigator Award and the Julius Axelrod Award from the Society for Neuroscience, the Santiago Grisolia Award, the Goldman-Rakic Award, the Edward M. Scolnick Prize and is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Institute of Medicine and the National Academy of Sciences.